Do you just needed it to work?   

So you have just purchased a new Laptop, PC, Tablet and Smartphone. You had the new device delivered and now you "JUST WANT IT TO WORK". But how do you go about doing just that? If you pay the company you purchased the device (s) from to set up it all up for you, it is not their job to show you how it works!

So what do you do? You need help from a person in the know who will come to your house and set up it all up so you can get on with your life.

“How IT is”  is here to help. We will listen to what you want the device to do and provide you with honest and simple instructions so you can get the best out of your device all in the comfort of your own home.

Please Contact us so We can "Just get it to work"

- I had two 'IT Experts' attempt to resize an existing partition in the past couple of months both failed miserably. Mr Kash Kodabakhsh your a STAR, many thanks for your help today, you quickly identified and resolved the issue, my notebook has a new lease of life !!



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